Life Update: Summer 2016 Krabi

Hey guys! So I’ve just gotten back from my summer holiday trip to Krabi, Thailand. I love going to Thailand because for me it’s one of the best food places in the world! Krabi is quite a touristy area though, which means there are alot of shops and food, but can be a bit crowded sometimes :/

Day 1: So we decided to catch a early morning flight to make sure we had a full day in Krabi. I think I woke up at 4am? Anyway, we arrived at Krabi Airport at around 8am, and caught a bus that took us straight to our hotel in Aonang. If I remember correctly, it costs about 150 baht for one person, and they take you directly to your hotel. Our hotel was called the Aonang Beach Resort, and I was very satisfied. I remember my mom thinking it was a bit shady because of the low price she got the rooms at 🙂 The location was also very good, with lots of shops, restaurants, massage parlors, tailors, tourism shops and even tattoo parlors all the way up and down the street, and the beach is literally across the street. We spent most of our day shopping (I bought a bit too much). The shopkeepers are super friendly and nice, and bargaining for a lower price is quite common. Most of the shops sell very similar items: clothes, souvenirs, towels, bags, phone accessories, swimsuits…a whole variety! About food options: the restaurant promoters are VERY PUSHY, so you shouldn’t find it hard to choose a restaurant you like: they serve all types of cuisines: (Italian, Indian, Thai, Western, Chinese), so if you are not a big fan of Thai food, you won’t have to worry.

Day 2: Our second day we booked a tour to the Phi Phi Islands, where we could swim and snorkel, visit different beaches, and look at some reaaaaally nice scenery. It. was. beautiful. The water was so clear and blue it was surreal.

We also visited Monkey Bay, where the monkeys are willing to walk into the sea to get on the boat just to steal some food! Beware not to bring any belongings down though, just in case! I saw one monkey jump onto a boy to steal his water bottle! I tried not to laugh because the boy was freaking out – but failed.

That night we went for a massage which typically go for around 200 baht for a traditional Thai massage. (so relaxing especially because my shoulder muscles were aching from swim training)

Day 3: Our second tour was to the Emerald Pool and hot springs. It took us about an hour to get to the hot springs where the temperature is about 40 C, and feels soooo good (the tour guide said the waters had fluoride which apparently was good for our skin?). The good bit comes when you get out of the hot spring though, it feels so cool and nice especially on a hot day. After we headed onto the Emerald Pool – it’s about a 1.5km / 800m walk (depending on the route you decide to take) but the scenery along the way is gorgeous and it’s all worth it!

The pool is so refreshing and the tour guide claimed it was mineral water which again, was ‘good for our skin’ (I’m starting to see a trend here). Anyway, there were even little fishes in the water and it was just very relaxing. Just outside the Emerald Pool there were street vendors selling all kinds of food from fresh coconuts going for 30 baht (the cheapest we had seen), barbecued sticks of chicken (10 baht – THEY WERE DELICIOUS), cubes of ice cream on sticks, and there’s a restaurant as well where I saw alot of people eating at.

The tour ended at around 3pm so we went back to the rooms to freshen up, then decided to do more exploring around our area. We walked all the way up (turning left as we left the resort) where we found some delicious pad thai (80 baht for a bowl me and my sisters all shared) and thai lemon tea (from this shop called DERN KIN???). The shops further up also sold the same things but at cheaper prices, so if you happen to be there, go check it out!


We had eaten so much we didn’t really feel like having a full dinner (except for my dad) so we went to this seafood restaurant where I had some real good Papaya Salad. I have an immense fear of cats (like my oldest sister Yuen) and my middle sister really likes stroking my leg to scare me, so throughout dinner I kept telling her to stop. Little did I know, one time a cat actually walked through our table and brushed past my leg. Me, thinking it was my sister (Rui), went: “Rui – oh my god it’s a real cat Yuen move” and literally pushed Yuen who was next to me out of her chair (while she was still eating papaya salad). It was one of the scariest moments of my life (seriously my fear of cats is THAT big)

Day 4: Our flight back to Malaysia was at 5pm so we had the morning to kill. The night before we had found a bus that went to Krabi town for 60 baht per person (a 40 minute drive). In the end we decided not to go that evening and headed back. So this morning we decided to check out early, get our luggage and hop on the bus to Krabi town, going straight to the airport after. We went to the Vogue Department Store first, but didn’t really find anything we liked, so we just walked down the streets (where there are quite alot of little shops). Again they sold barbecued pork for 10 baht (I bought 4 stick because it was so good) and drinks, and these pancake thingies (I apologize for not knowing what they’re called). We ended up leaving our luggage with this woman who we booked a van to the airport with because hauling our luggage across the streets was getting tiring.

A few more purchases and food eaten later, we met this man as we were walking along this lake (near an eagle statue thing) who convinced us to go on a boat tour on this lake (100 baht per person for 1 hour). We had the boat all to ourselves so it was really fun and the wind in our faces was a pleasant feeling. The boat took us first to a cave (30 baht per person) and then through the canal where there were mangroves and we saw some iguanas. Unfortunately, it started to rain (we were initially going to go to the fisherman’s village) so we headed back. After getting drenched by the rain we stopped at a restaurant for some lunch, and then went to the Maharaj Market just opposite. OH MY GOSH the mango sticky rice there was so good (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND). The lowest price we had seen (50 baht), and such big portions (the lady who runs it puts like 2-3 whole mangoes in one portion). My dad also stocked up on nuts and durian (ew.) On the way to airport it took about 30 minutes so we got the airport just fine 😀

(apologies I took this picture in the van on the way to the airport)

So in the end I do recommend going to Krabi/Aonang for a holiday – there’s alot of things to do, lot’s of great food with good prices and everyone there is really friendly! However, it is quite a lot of tourists so at times it can be crowded – ALSO try not to go during rainy season (which is what we did). I mean, it’s still alright, just sometimes the rain ruined our shopping plans (we ran all the way back to our resort with our bags over our heads looking like lunatics). All in all, I have to say Thailand is one of my favorite places to visit!

What’s your favorite holiday destination? Any recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!


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