1-Hour Cinnamon Rolls


Christmas is less than a month away. Can you believe it? I’ve already started thinking about what to make for Christmas morning breakfast, and I’ve come up with a lot of pretty good ideas (which will be coming up in the next few weeks hopefully), but one thing I definitely make on special occasions is Cinnamon Rolls.

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Dutch Speculaas Cookies (Speculoos, Biscoff)


So a while back, my sister went to Texas for F1 in Schools – buuuuut, I was more occupied by the food she had to bring back. She arrived back in Vietnam at midnight, and woke me up to look at her stash. I’m not kidding. Her suitcase broke because she brought back too much food. I swear, Trader Joe’s is my favorite place. Ever. First of all, the packaging is super pretty, and the food is just so NEW! Like who would’ve thought you could have a chocolate bar that tasted like fireworks? (chili and popping candy). The way she described it, sounds like heaven. Anyway, before she left to Texas, I told her to buy cookie butter, which she did, 4 whole jars of it. But she also brought back Speculoos cookies – the stuff the cookie butter is made of.

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Rustic Cinnamon Apple Galette


As I’m writing this, my cinnamon apple galette is in the oven, and my house smells Fantastic. Fantastic with a capital ‘f’, because it just smells that good.

We’re right in the middle of autumn, and although there isn’t really an ‘autumn’ here in Vietnam, I just like to pretend it is (shh), and start baking all the autumn-y foods. I’m not a fan of pumpkin, so my big go-to autumn dessert staple is probably an apple. I have a few treats that I make annually, around this time of year – my gingerbread cookies will be coming up soon – my Christmas is not complete without gingerbread cookies, and something apple-y is always one of them. Usually I make a basic apple pie, but I thought I’d try an apple galette.

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